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Holiday of the Heart

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Holiday of the Heart

Author Morgan Page has had more than her share of ups and downs.

After a horrendous Valentine's Day nightmare, and a hot and steamy reunion; reeling from multiple surgeries stemming from the wolf attack in Wisconsin over the holiday, she returns to New Mexico.

Finding nothing to keep her there, she packs up and moves to the small town of Silverton, Colorado that has always intrigued her.

Morgan and Ricky had parted ways only to have Ricky show up several months later asking her to wait for him. The problem is, Morgan has already been waiting for years.

How much is too much? Will their romance survive yet another separation or will someone new fill the aching hole in her heart?

In Silverton, Morgan deals with loneliness and break-ins as she attempts to rebuild her life, only to be torn between the man that she's known and loved for years and a new, amazing man that seems to be there to rescue a damsel in distress at every turn.

Can her long-term love affair turn into something more or will the flame smolder only to be fanned by a new love?  Will she choose Ricky, the love of her life, or take a holiday of the heart and choose Nick, the new hero from her new town?

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